cooked stuffed trotter

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Typical specialty from Emilia Romagna

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Produced using only the meat from heavy Po Valley pigs, which is seasoned with salt and spices before being filled into the traditional trotter with the rind left on.
Raw Zampone to be cooked slowly for a truly delicious result.
Our Zampone is made according to a centuries-old tradition from the Italian countryside, before the fashion for pre-cooking changed our way of enjoying this delicacy.

Chef’s Tips

Just like anything that brings real satisfaction, our Zampone takes time to prepare.
The cooking time is around three hours. Serve piping hot, with traditional mashed potato, lentils or condiments for boiled meat.
According to Modenese tradition, Zampone should be served with stewed Spanish white beans (generally on the feast day of Saint Sylvester).
Match with red wines.
Light and lightly sparkling reds like Lambrusco and Bonarda work well, as well as still, well-structured wines, such as Chianti, Nobile di Montepulciano.

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We are located in the tastiest part of Italy: Langhirano, near Parma, Emilia, the beating heart of Italian gastronomic quality.

Langhirano is a revered site for any gourmet who’s fond of air cured ham. Only here, in the valley where the Parma Creek runs, the weather agents provide the unique conditions that allow the perfect seasoning process for Parma Ham and the other great cold cuts of Parma tradition.
We have worked here since 1956. 

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