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Typical specialty from Emilia Romagna

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Una piacevolissima scoperta

Meat from exclusively Italian pigs is flavoured with salt and spices and filled into casings in the characteristic carafe shape, before being left to dry for over two days.
Cotechino with lentils is a typical Christmas dish, and is also consumed in a particular way on New Year’s Eve: according to tradition, eating a serving of Cotechino before midnight brings you good luck in the new year.

Chef’s Tips

It takes patience to enjoy our Cotechino: 3-3.5 hours boiling time But the taste is a marvellous reward.
Eat hot, cut into slices around 1 cm thick.
It may be used as an ingredient in classic boiled meat dishes, or served as a main course with mashed potatoes or traditional lentils, cooked cabbage or simply spinach and butter.
If you enjoy unusual flavours, try pairing it the old-fashioned country way, with sabayon and a drop of vinegar.
Match with a sparkling red wine, such as Lambrusco or Bonarda.

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