Culatta with rind cut to half

from national origin, season min. 11 months, vacuum packed

107.00 / VAT included

Typical specialty from Emilia Romagna

Maturation: at least 11 months
Weight: kg. 2,7 +/- 0,200
Packing: Sold as a whole ham or vacuum-packed half
Trimmed, cleaned and ready to slice
Storage temperature: Whole: store in a cool place.
Sliced and vacuum packed: store at 2-4°C

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A very pleasant discovery

We select the most delicious and highly prized part of the ham, and process it by hand, leaving it protected in its natural rind.

We then mature the product for at least 11 months, long enough for its harmonious blend of aromas and flavours to evolve.

Unlike Culatello, Culatta is not filled into a casing but left in its natural rind, which keeps the meat softer and retains more of its moisture.

At the end of the maturation period, the lean part of the haunch is smeared with lard obtained from pig fat.

This preserves the exquisitely tender consistency of the Culatta for a long period of time.

Chef’s Tips

To best appreciate the taste, simply cut a tender slice and enjoy.
Best paired with a quality Prosecco and served with slivers of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Additional information
Weight 2.9 kg

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We are located in the tastiest part of Italy: Langhirano, near Parma, Emilia, the beating heart of Italian gastronomic quality.

Langhirano is a revered site for any gourmet who’s fond of air cured ham. Only here, in the valley where the Parma Creek runs, the weather agents provide the unique conditions that allow the perfect seasoning process for Parma Ham and the other great cold cuts of Parma tradition.
We have worked here since 1956. 

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