Cooked Ham Bauletto Verde


125.00 / VAT included

Typical specialty from Emilia Romagna

Produced using fresh meat selected from the best European farms.

The delicious taste of cooked ham, the reliability of Bedogni quality.
Only high-quality steamed hams.
Perfect with focaccia and light white wine. The perfect ingredient for a range of recipes.

Free from allergens, GMOs, contaminants, sources of gluten, any form of milk, fish or egg derivatives, added polyphosphates, soya protein, sulphites, citrates and starches.

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Weight 8.3 kg

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We are located in the tastiest part of Italy: Langhirano, near Parma, Emilia, the beating heart of Italian gastronomic quality.

Langhirano is a revered site for any gourmet who’s fond of air cured ham. Only here, in the valley where the Parma Creek runs, the weather agents provide the unique conditions that allow the perfect seasoning process for Parma Ham and the other great cold cuts of Parma tradition.
We have worked here since 1956. 

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