Bedogni Egidio

More than sixty years have passed since the Bedogni Egidio company opened for business, but we still make our products exactly the way it was done then, with the same passion, the same process, and the same pursuit of quality that have always distinguished our craft and our activity. In our company, technology and tradition combine with the unique favorable climatic features of the area to produce high quality hams.


We are located in the tastiest part of Italy: Langhirano, near Parma, Emilia, the beating heart of Italian gastronomic quality. Langhirano is a revered site for any gourmet who’s fond of air cured ham.

Only here, in the valley where the Parma Creek runs, the weather agents provide the unique conditions that allow the perfect seasoning process for Parma Ham and the other great cold cuts of Parma tradition.

We have worked here since 1956.

The Parma creek runs next to us. A little further on is the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, above whose peaks the wind that comes from the Tyrrhenian Sea blows.

Since 1956 we have been making hams with the same procedures, the same passion, the same gestures, following the great Parma tradition, and we are proud our brand is among the most appreciated by connoisseurs.

The reason for such achievement is the passion and effort we invest in order to guarantee the taste and safety of our products, as confirmed by the quality assurance certificates we obtained.

Quality is our first goal

Aiming to constantly improve our quality standard, we have decided to implement a modern quality management in our organization,  by integrating the targets and founding principles of all the certification protocols adopted in terms of Quality, Environmental Management, Occupational Safety, Food Safety and Traceability.


The Company annually validates its Environmental Declaration, which can be consulted upon request submitting the online form in the contact section.